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Buyers are to check the mirror size with the instructions below.

If you need help in measuring your mirrors, please contact Kel for assistance on 0438959999 or  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - or contact your nearest retail outlet.

Tools needed:

A ruler and a straight edge to measure up against.


Do these measurements on the body of the driver's side mirror...

Step 1
Measure height:

Check mirror height.

Height must be less than 230mm for the standard clamps. If greater than 230mm, contact us for a special clamp.


Step 2
Locate Rail:

Measure 130mm from the outer point of the mirror housing to a straight edge.


Step 3
Measure Depth:

Measure from the straight edge to the end of the mirror housing.

This is the "Depth" of the mirror housing...


Step 4
Select the mirror Size:

With the Depth of your measured mirror, select the mirror size according to the following table

Size Depth
Size 1 50-80mm
Size 2 80-100mm
Size 3 100-120mm
Size 4

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