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Mirror Types

Please note that our new 2014 mirrors are rounded and more aerodynamic. The videos and some pictures may show the older, square mirrors.

There are two types of Mirrors - the 4 Point and the 2 Point.

The 4 Point mirror has 4 contact points, being three hooks and one compression screw. If these mirrors are suitable for your vehicle, the 4 Point mirror would be our recommendation as it has the best attachment method.

The 2 Point mirror has two contact points. It was designed for vehicles that would otherwise be difficult to fit the 4 Pointer.


4 Point Mirror


Fabrication Features

To achieve high quality standards production is carried out in Denmark on CNC machines to Danish Standard.

The thread is rolled - not cut. Rolled thread is a higher quality than cut thread. It costs more to fabricate, however a rolled thread has longer life and smoother profile. This means that the thread will last longer and will be smoother to operate.

The mirror arms are made from solid aluminiumn and anodised with a product called “Eloxiret”. This treatment increases the surface resilliance against wear and tear.

Enjoy your mirrors, and happy travelling...

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Note: The Brungaard Universal Caravan Mirror is being regularly tweaked with minor design changes.
As a consequence, some of the photos and videos on this site may show older mirror designs.